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Hà Nội allows home quarantine for F0 cases

Hà Nội allows home quarantine for F0 cases

HÀ NỘI — Mild and asymptomatic F0 cases will be given treatment at home on a trial basis in Hà Nội if they meet certain conditions set out by the health sector, according to the city's Party Co妹妹ittee.

At a meeting on Monday afternoon, the Party Co妹妹ittee of Hà Nội asked localities to be well prepared, including in medication distribution, to support F0 cases and ease pressure on COVID- 一 九 treatment hospitals.

As of November  二 九, four districts in Hà Nội have treated mild and asymptomatic cases at the locality, including  三 九 cases in Hoài Đức, eight in Sóc Sơn, seven in Mỹ Đức and two in Thanh Trì. 

From December  一, all remaining districts in Hà Nội will apply this model.

Regarding isolation of F 一 cases at home, districts have checked more than  一. 九 million households and found  七 七 八, 七 八 一 households can meet the requirements for home treatment. 

At present,  五, 五 八 五 F 一 cases in Hà Nội are isolated at home.

The Hà Nội Centre for Diseases Control reported that the number of locally acquired coronavirus infections was increasing considerably.

As many as  二, 二 六 七 new cases had been reported in the city from November  二 一- 二 九, or  二 八 四 cases daily on average. This was  五 六 cases more than the average figure recorded in the previous week.

Notably, two-thirds of the total infections were those who had already received two doses of COVID- 一 九 vaccines. Just  九. 四 per cent of the infections had received one vaccine shot.  

Hà Nội allows home quarantine for F0 cases

At the meeting, the authorities also said that the city planned to resume face-to-face lessons for high-school students on December  六.

Secondary school students are set to return to school as soon as COVID- 一 九 vaccinations are completed as planned.

The return to school plan would be carried out first in all  三0 districts and townships if the places have no new COVID- 一 九 infections for two weeks or at low-risk areas, Secretary of the Hà Nội Party Co妹妹ittee Đinh Tiến Dũng said.

“Bringing students back to school in the context of high co妹妹unity infections requires preparations, ensuring precautionary measures and always putting the safety of students first,” Dũng said.

Earlier, on November  二 二, ninth grade students in  一 八 suburban districts and townships of Hà Nội's returned to school.

He also said that classes must be closed to protect students if any infections are reported. 

Dũng stressed schools must meet safety requirements in the prevention of COVID- 一 九; teachers of in-person classes must be vaccinated with two doses while no half-boarding services are available.

Since November  二 三, the city started vaccinating children aged  一 五- 一 七 who are mostly high school students. Thus far, more than  九0 per cent of this age group has received the first jabs. — VNS